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Are you a local business owner doing business in Webster or Dudley? The Webster Dudley Business Alliance is made up of people just like you! Here are some benefits you can expect with your annual membership:

  • Meet and network with fellow business owners at meetings and networking events throughout the year

  • Member referral program

  • Hear guest speakers at meetings on various business related topics - suggestions welcome!

  • Take part in group advertising campaigns to promote public awareness of doing business locally

  • Inclusion of business information on WDBA website including a link to your own website

  • Email newsletter with articles of interest written by and for members

  • Opportunities to get involved in community issues that affect the economic vitality of the towns

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of working together to solve problems and boost the health of your business

Yearly membership dues is just $50. Call 508-949-6232 or email contact@thewdba.org to join today.

You can get a copy of our application here!
Don't wait to start growing and networking your local business!

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